WordPress anniversary: the best CMS for 15 years


WordPress from 2003 would probably be shocked if he could see the upcoming update of WordPress in 2018. Why do we recollect memories of the WordPress on it’s very beginning? Because that year, on 27 May, WordPress celebrates its 15th anniversary. And, wow, probably it is a reason to congratulate all the WordPress lovers that day, yeah?

*Fanfare playing in the background*

We all love stories about success. We appreciate stories about people standing under the life’s strongest punches. We like stories of simple ideas evolving to devastating world-known inventions settling down in the history of humanity for ages. Matt Mullenweg on one point of his life realised, that rainbow has gone. Today all of us should be thankful to Matt for not breaking bad. Just look at this message:

That is how WordPress get started. And now here it is, one more story of success, that is rushing over the world more than 15 years already.

Today we are really glad to congratulate all our clients, the WordPress community and each other with the anniversary of our beloved CMS. For 2018 it is 30% of all the websites built with WordPress, and who knows, maybe to 2023 it will be 50%? 
The date is important not only for developers. Maybe your favorite web recourse is working on WordPress and you don’t even know it? Meetups on that purpose are held all around the world, look up at the map and join the celebration.