If it wasn’t for freedom, the world would not be like this today. If it wasn’t for the freedom of every separate country and state, we would probably have completely different problems these days to worry about. Of course, it is a merit of every single inventor and person in the history of the nation. We can dispute the meaning of freedom because the borders of the term had completely shifted after years of progress. I would say it means the ability to use freely what we have, to live how we want independently.

You might guess what is the connection between the fourth of July and freedom. If we think about it, the freedom of one exact country predetermined many things for the globe. Starting from some cultural aspects, ending up with the ideas and lifestyle spreading all around the world. The most notable these days is, perhaps, the internet and all the devices able to connect to it. As a digital agency, as entrepreneurs, we are pretty sure, that our business would be unsuccessful if it wasn’t for the internet and gadgets like laptops, PC’s, smartphones. Remember where they originated from? United States of America, ladies and gentleman.

So that, the fourth of July is a memorable day for America, as it became the birthday of a new land as a single state. A new home for various people, a solid ground for the world we know today. Of course, it is pretty generalized, but for the sake of the Independence day of America, the thought sounds pretty justly, isn’t it?

On this occasion, CrispWP wants to wish all the American people, our clients and visitors, a happy Independence day. We want you to shine this day and spend it as you want because you are free to do anything! Greetings on the holiday and sincerest wishes from our whole team!