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Look who works on your site

Starting from 2010, we continue upgrading our skills in web sites creating and now we are the dedicated team of 50 professionals, who will help you to make your dream come true one day. Every project team is a combination of roles. Look what they are!

UX/UI Designer

The knight of Shape&Color, the hero of Space. He is great on human psychology and brain work. Perfect at reading site heat maps, Adobe Photoshop&Invision. His motto is: “Only selling design, only bright emotions!”. Customers definitely say ‘Yes, I want it!’ and press the proper button he designed.

QA engineer

He thinks&acts as end user and checks if it complies with the business requirements. Extremely attentive to the details. Different browsers, screen sizes and mobile devices. He creates complicated test cases to check different user scenarios, to see every error message. Nothing can be missed since he has checklists for everything!

SEO engineer

This special guy helps your site to climb out to top search results. Personally met with Google Pinguin, Panda and Hummingbird. He plans PPC campaigns to increase CTR. Conversion rate and analytics. Only white methods. Recommendations on semantic core for website content. SEO/Marketing/Statistics/

Production Director

The spirit and energy of our team. The main areas of responsibility are: customers care, quality and efficiency, collaboration with partners. She stands for everyday skills growth and strives for complete clients’ satisfaction.

Account Manager

She is the first person you meet on the way to the site of your dream. She will carefully listen all your ideas and will say what to do further. You can call her at all hours to ask any question. Moreover, she regurlaly comes to you to ask for a feedback, because her main goal is your satisfaction while working with us.

WordPress Developer

A real WordPress ninja who knows WP engine, tons of plugins and tricks of integration with third-party tools inside and out. He knows how to make it work in the best way as he constantly tries different new approaches. Result-oriented, thechnology geek, master of PHP/MySQL/Javascript.

FrontEnd Developer

This guy is keen on modern markup trends bearing in mind the perfect look and ease of use for end users. Jedi of HTML/CSS/Javascript. He is responsive in all meanings. Expert in WordPress themes capable to tweak the ready one and create a new one from scratch. Animation goes on top of it.

Project Coordinator/BA

The glue of the project team. She is the engine who sets the pace and controls the process. She talks with you about your business ideas. All questions to ask, all answers to discuss with the team to deliver the right product fast and well-done! Client and product oriented, Scrum addicted, perfect administrator and motivator.

Quality Facts


We always use source version control (Git), so all changes are carefully tracked


We prefer interactive prototypes to boring specifications (Invision)


We comply with WordPress/PHP/W3C coding standards


We create test-cases and checklists to ensure correct functioning of every website


We speak your language and communicate pro-actively


We look at the website but see the business behind it


We know the tricky things that help to prevent the potential issues


We understand that the user experience and emotions are important and we know how to deliver it.