Making a website is like a cooking of delicious food


Get your idea

Once after placing your request you get a call from our Account Manager who helps you to choose the service package or finds that you want something special! She helps you to understand costs and possible delivery dates and schedules the next meeting.

Analyze and select the optimal ingredients

Project Coordinator calls you at scheduled time to discuss the details. Several questions help us to grasp an essence of your product and business idea, so we design the best site structure and find an optimal set of plugins to meet your goals.

Plan and slice it to sprints

You get the website wireframes and graphical design implemented according to your preferences, goals and the best UX practices. We plan the order of pages/functions for each sprint based on your priorities.

Make quick and precise

You approve design and we start installation, configuration, customization and coding.
Regular demos provide you with clear understanding of the progress.

Taste.. no - test!

Regular quality checks guarantee the best client's impressions of your site. We check the look&feel and functionality on different devices/browsers (IE 9+, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox - last versions, Android 5.1-6.0, iPhone 6s)

Deliver your site well-done!

Your new site is set up and configured on pre-selected hosting and Domain name. Go live! It's time to celebrate and then initiate the site promotion campaigns!

This is Agile/Scrum and our precise, proven and correct processes that help us deliver your product just in time within the budget and functioning correctly. With no pain.

For instance, you can get the first website version optimized by cost and terms running, and then add more features step by step. You save your money and time at the beginning and start getting profit earlier, right after the website launch.

Time is precious

so we do spend it wisely to save your budget and increase your time-to market

  • The processes are clearly specified
  • The  checklists help us to ensure that everything is done perfectly and nothing is missed
  • We automate regular and time-consuming operations
  • We continuously improve our skills and processes